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MOU Between IBC-KSU, KSA and CEIF-IMSciences, Pakistan

Dear Members

Very Warm Greetings,

The Islamic Banking Center of King Saud University is committed to the noble task of dissemination of knowledge relating to Islamic Banking and Finance.

Keeping this noble task as a guiding principle, the Center has entered into signing of "Memorandom of Understanding" (MOU), with Center of Excellence in Islamic Finance (CEIF), Institute of Managment Sciences, Pakistan. This memorandum is signed to give a momentum to the research and training activities of the Center with the collaboratio of regionally and globally renowned istitutions.

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Islamic Banking Center    

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About IBC

The establishment of Islamic Banking Center (IBC) at the department of economics is another leading and appreciable initiative of towards achieving the excellence in the research and development at King Saud University. The Center is established with the generous funding donated by the Shaikh Saleh Abdullah Kami, Chairman and Founder of Dallah Al-Barak Holding Foundation, as an expression of his keen interest in the promotion and facilitation of Islamic banking and finance studies and practices. The Center’s budget will come primarily from Sheikh Saleh Kamel Waqf donated to King Saud University for this purpose. Read more...

Director Message

Dear Colleagues and Practitioners Very warm welcome, Last three decades were the period of major developments, emerging trends, and new beginnings. Besides the respectful recognition from the academia and policymakers, Islamic Banking System has achieved a historic high growth rate and now it holds a significant share in the global financial market... Read more...