For the promotion of knowledge and studies towards the Islamic Banking and Financial Indsuty, the center carries out various activities including the followings:

  • Working for enriching the knowledge and understanding about the Islamic banking, and facilitating the activities of development of these activities.
  • Analyzing and examining the challenges and obstacles encountered by Islamic banking industry and trying to find and suggest best possible solutions.
  • Working as an advisory center which give recommendation and to develop the policies for the successive development of Islamic banking industry.
  • The center is providing academic support to the Islamic banking industry.
  • Providing the services and expertise to the Islamic banking industry through a combination of academic research and administrative experience.
  • The center is playing its role as an expert house in all academic, functional and operational matters of Islamic banking industry.
  • Conducting research and comparative studies on the Islamic banks at local and international level.
  • Collecting, analyzing and dissemination the information about Islamic banking activities in local market.
  • Enhancing and facilitating relationship among the researchers, authorities and the practitioners of Islamic banking for the development of this industry.
  • Publishing the research studies and market related information related to Islamic banking.
  • Facilitating the studies for the development of new Islamic financing products and innovations in the field of Islamic banking.
  • Providing lectures, training courses and workshops to the graduates and the practitioners.
  • Developing the study material and academic curricula, educational and training courses for the Islamic banking studies.          


About IBC

The establishment of Islamic Banking Center (IBC) at the department of economics is another leading and appreciable initiative of towards achieving the excellence in the research and development at King Saud University. The Center is established with the generous funding donated by the Shaikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel, Chairman and Founder of Dallah Al-Baraka Holding Foundation, as an expression of his keen interest in the promotion and facilitation of Islamic banking and finance studies and practices. The Center’s budget will come primarily from Sheikh Saleh Kamel Waqf donated to King Saud University for this purpose. Read more...

Director Message

Dear Colleagues and Practitioners Very warm welcome, Last three decades were the period of major developments, emerging trends, and new beginnings. Besides the respectful recognition from the academia and policymakers, Islamic Banking System has achieved a historic high growth rate and now it holds a significant share in the global financial market... Read more...